As Internet marketing specialists, you wouldn't expect us to be experts at your business in order to reach our customers, would you? That's why, at VerticalMarket, we believe companies that don't specialize in Internet marketing shouldn't have to be experts at running Internet marketing campaigns in order to reach their target customers.

VerticalMarket clients, ranging from some of the world's most respected brands trying to improve their Web marketing efforts, to young startups looking to harness the power of the Web for the first time, all have one thing in common: they all get to spend more time building great products and great companies because their successful web marketing efforts are being driven by VerticalMarket's web marketing experts.

VerticalMarket is designed to deliver companies highly-targeted, well-qualified customer leads faster and cheaper than they can get them anywhere else. We do this by leveraging a worldwide network of publishing platforms and a custom system for filtering the interests of Web users into appropriate industry verticals. The results let your company reach potential customers with a demonstrable interest in the kinds of products and services you offer. So instead of wasting time and money marketing to consumers with no interest in your company's product, you'll have access to motivated consumers with a clearly-defined desire to purchase what you're selling.
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