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If you sold tires, you wouldn't market to a boat repair shop, would you? So why do so many companies run web marketing campaigns that include people who will never buy their products? It's a waste of time, resources, and money for the companies doing the advertising, and it's a waste of valuable and profitable advertising space for the websites showing the ads.

VerticalMarket was built from the ground up to make web advertising campaigns more efficient and more successful. Instead of wasting time and money trying to reach the right consumers, VerticalMarket brings the right consumers directly to the companies. We do this by combining our global network of lead generation platforms with our state-of-the-art technology to filter potential customers into market verticals based on the types of consumers they have already been. At its most basic level, that means if someone is buying diapers, that same consumer is likely in the market for baby food and is a highly motivated potential customer in the baby supplies vertical. But our unique technology also gives us the ability to determine when that same customer who bought diapers and baby food is in the market for a car, enabling a car manufacturer to reach that customer with an advertisement for a minivan instead of a sports car.

Thanks to this kind of advanced filtering and customer targeting technology, VerticalMarket is able to provide companies with highly motivated and uniquely targeted potential consumers. By doing , VerticalMarket delivers high quality, well-qualified leads faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than traditional web marketing campaigns. The result is that web publishers are able to increase the conversion power of their limited advertising space, and web marketers are able to generate more sales while spending less time and money.
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